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Why did we start?

Idea for Weaving Happiness was conceived as we saw everyone around (including us) mindlessly scrolling away at every free instance.  Search for an engaging, creative, easy to carry and low cost activity to keep everyone engaged began. Crochet was a perfect fit. Once the research started, to our surprise we found  various therapeutic benefits of this practice. 

It is an Activity based Medition which helps reduce stress and improve cognitive skills. It can be learnt irrespective of age, gender, physical or mental abilities. With that in mind we are hosting various workshops aimed at children, young adults, adults who are young at heart, kids with learning disabilities, bedridden patients, domestic helpers with specific projects to suit each group. 

We request you to share our details with those interested and join our Facebook group “Weaving Happiness” for regular updates.

For more details and inspiration please visit

PS: Team Weaving Happiness is looking for volunteers willing to teach crochet.

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