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Our Weaving Stories

There is no better way to relate then to listen to the stories of those involved. Weavers from our groups will share their experiences and take us through their journeys. 

My weaving happiness story by: Hema Dadhwal 🥰

I always wanted to learn crochet 🧶 and then I met a friend from my volunteer group who mentioned about this weaving happiness club.

 I just fell in love with the concept of Weaving Wednesday where we meet at a cafe or a friend’s home and weave together. I showed up the following Wednesday.....& guess what ..... this group was so fun to be with. I had a triple treat: Learnt chain stitch in my first session, had yummy food & met beautiful & happy group. Gradually I learnt the skill and made granny squares for a charity drive with my fantastic group of friends while having fun chit chat !!!🤗. Learning was so fulfilling, as it was fun in the company of lovely people but also because it was for such positive purpose.

Well my passion and need for learning quickly was because I wanted to make something for my Son, who was soon going abroad for his further studies. I wanted to gift him a hand made sweater which he can wear and feel my love, positivity & energy in my absence. Very soon sweater was ready and my Son was presently surprised by this gift which he will cherish.

 After my personal project, I volunteered for our next project for making scarves for deaf school children in Nepal which was a very fulfilling  experience. 

And after that there was no turning back ..... I am totally in love with weaving & all my like minded talented friends. We share new design, personal projects etc. I feel so blessed & fortunate to know this bunch of lovely friends.

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