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Mental Wellness

Social Media started as technology’s gift for us to connect and collaborate. Slowly, it has become addictive and another source of giving the temporary high in the dopamine loop.

The teenagers, adults and elderly alike, everyone, are ailing with the mindless scrolling syndrome eventually causing anxiety, inadequacy, low self esteem and depression.

As parents, this did become a worry for us. And we were looking for methods to break this loop and replace the gadget with something more meaningful and fulfilling.

Screenshot 2024-04-01 at 12.16.23.png

Weaving Happiness started as an experiment, which is now a movement, that aims to address these problems via creative engagement of the head, the heart and the hands in tandem. We use Crochet, Marcame, Craft and many other amodalities to Weave Happiness in the lives that we touch.

Based on our research, quality time spent away from the ‘Gadgets” and with the crochet hook (and yarn) has  various therapeutic and relaxation benefits that can help improve focus, hand-eye coordination, build cognitive skills and provide immense satisfaction improving self-esteem and belief.

The repetitive movements involved in crochet is effective in calming your mind and body. Crochet or any weaving activity helps to better utilise the extra time we may have thus keeping away from distractions of social network and other negative thoughts.

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