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About us

Idea of Weaving Happiness was conceived when we saw everyone around (including us) scrolling away on our phones at every free instance. Search for an engaging, creative, easy to carry and low cost activity led us to Crochet. On delving deep, we found various therapeutic benefits of this practice including improved cognitive skills, memory, hand-eye coordination, reduced stress and anxiety, dementia prevention to name a few.


Its an Activity based meditation which is easy to learn irrespective of age, gender, physical or mental abilities. even people who find it hard to sit still and meditate have been able to find it easy to pick up the crochet stick and concentrate.

We (group of Happy Weavers) believe we can weave happiness with this magic wand and in the process raise awareness about many positive side effects of this hobby like joy of creation, building communities, personalizing gifts, reducing stress and battling depression and anxiety to name a few.


With that in mind we are hosting various workshops aimed at children, young adults, adults who are young at heart, kids with learning disabilities, bedridden patients, domestic helpers with specific projects to suit each group. 


Let’s utilize this hobby to start a  dialogue and work towards awareness of mental health issues and simple tools like crochet as it’s cures.

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