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Joy of Gifting

In today’s world, handmade items have become a novelty. We at Weaving Happiness truly believe in reviving this culture and spreading the joy and pride of hand made masterpieces for you & your loved ones.

We encourage people to join our workshops to learn to crochet some beautiful creations. If you are unable to do so and yet want to gift or use a handmade crochet item, you will be able to place an order on our website. One of our happy weavers would love to weave a personalized item for you.

It could be a coaster, hat, bag tag, scarf, headband, necklace, bag, purse, water bottle holder, our catalog is full of thoughtful designs and utility items to suit your wardrobe and decor.


Come and experience the joy of handmade gifting with us @ Weaving Happiness

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