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Our Initiatives

Workshops for Teenagers/Children/ Adults

  • Aimed at improving self-esteem which comes by creating something with their own hands and engaging them to contribute more positively towards families, neighborhoods and society (with a positive side effect of keeping them away from electronic devices).

Classes for Special need Children/Adults

  • Which provide them with a platform to believe in their ability and a medium for employment.

Classes for Foreign Domestic Workers

  • They acquire new skills and means to generate extra income.

Meeting Chronically ill patients

  • At centres and teach them crochet which helps shift focus away from the pain and engages them creatively.

Working with Actively Ageing Population

  • Providing them with a tool to beat dementia and depression and build a community which creates together.

Building a Community of weavers

  • Who meet regularly and encourage and help each other.

Giving Back to the Society though various

Kindness Initiatives

  • Where we provide the materials and you help weave.



Contact us if you would like to Volunteer for any of the above initiatives.

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