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Weaving happiness

For the last few years, my magic wand is helping me weave beautiful memories. Yes, magic wands do exist! All we need is to make a wish to create magic. My magic wand is my crochet stick.I learnt the art of knitting during my teenage years. I had an amazing set of teachers – mummy, chachi, mami, dadi. I never read any book on time management, I have lived with the masters of this skill. I would be amazed at how beautifully they could design such masterpieces during their short breaks – tea time talks, post dinner gossips, train journeys etc.

During the phase of higher education, work, marriage & motherhood, my magic wand was hibernating, waiting for the right time.

Around 3 years back, when I took a break from work, my magic wand sprouted back to life. I started with small home decor projects. 

s winter started approaching, it was time for our annual fiesta – our most awaited India Trip. The time management lessons from my Gurus helped me during the plane and train journeys. Kids felt quite connected/engaged while I was crocheting on the go. Well, this was a time management lesson for them as well 

Whenever we reach our desh, everybody tries to give us royal treatment, as much as they can – tea, snacks, gossips …all inside the comfort of your rajai ( blanket ). Such cosy blanket times are just so perfect for knitting something special for your loved ones!

Kids would love to come to me for measurements! The child for whom I would be knitting using my magic wand, would feel like a star. He/she would behave so wonderfully during the trial. Since then, I have been knitting whenever n wherever I can, using My Magic wand to create magic – beautiful smiles of my loved ones.

Yes, creating magic is very simple ! Enjoy the simplicity. Enjoy the magic !

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