Life is more than a click

Nowadays, I see digitalisation of every activity. I find so many hobbies ( for example – pottery, colouring ) appearing in digital form and people rationalize their screen time with such activities.

The patience needed for real colouring or pottery will never be realized when we are doing it on our smart phones, just with few clicks.

We can surely create many masterpieces in less time but isn’t that count deceptive?

The worst part of these digitalised version of hobbies is that we feel that we are doing something creative.

I believe the most important virtue needed for creativity is patience and perseverance which gets completely defied in the process of digital hobbies. In real life, you need to wait for your pot to dry before you can colour. On a smart phone, it is just a matter of click.

In real life, if you make a blunder while painting you have to recreate the pot from starting.

On a smart phone, it is just a matter of click and you can undo your not so beautiful actions.

In real life, there is no click for undo. You have to just redo with more focus.

I sometime crochet. When I make a counting/estimating mistake the